Wolf Pack

Cub Scout Leader

Akela Mowgli – Pete Webber

Assistant Cub Scout Leaders

Raksha – Chloe Webber

Colonel Hathi – Duncan Ayling

Banderlog – Matthew Smithson

Pack Helper

Baloo – Rian Wade

We meet every Wednesday during term time between 6.30pm and 8pm

At the moment we have 18 children in our pack, and due to 2 thriving beaver colonies we only have a few spaces for extra children.

We do lots of work towards different badges, and encourage the children to work on badges in their own time at home. We try to arrange visitors to come to the pack, to talk to them about many different things, for example, the local PCSO coming to visit, and having someone come out to teach the children how to cycle safely. Also we go out to visit places and take part in District Events.

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