Great Barton Scout Group, Winter Report October 2018

How quick the time comes around it write my report on the Scouts in all sections for the Village to know just what we are up too. I could say for me as the Group Scout Leader I am never without a phone call or E Mail message, mostly enquiries for young people to join one of the sections. Always Beaver Places where it all starts but Cub and Scouts are in demand, I like to think its because we run an interesting Programme that fills the need for Beavers Cubs and Scouts, I hear that getting outside on the playing Field is very popular and the Group is so Grateful to the Village Hall Committee for letting us have an opportunity to enjoin the fun we all have outdoors.
Several weeks ago at the Centre at Morton Hall the District held its annual Chief Scout Award presentation, when Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards Certificates were presented to so many Children who had worked so hard to attain these awards, we at Great Barton were at the for fount of these presentations with parents and grand parents there to support then all, I am very proud of them all, but need to Thank all the dedicated Leaders who arrange the training plan to make this all possible, Yes I know we are so lucky to have over twenty Leaders, that give of there time and thoughts to encouraging all the young people to try their hardest to succeed, and I cannot Thank them enough for all they do week in week out come all kinds of weather to be there for the children in their control. Yes I have said this before but there would be no Scouts without them. I can always find a job for any Village person who may have been a Scout in the past to come and just see what FUN it is, see the back pages for my details, I look forward to hearing from you, like wise children from the age of six to fourteen we can find a place for you too.
Up until now for the last forty five years, Scouting at Great Barton has gone no further than the age of 14 years, but now I have some Great News The District has decided that we can have attached to the Group an Explorer Unit, these young people continue on with their Scouting up to 18 years, there is one more Sections that takes them on to 25 years, in that time from 14 they can be either boys or girls become Queen’s Scouts and work towards the D of E Scheme, undertake activities abroad, with the Explorer Belt Award. I had the privilege to present one to Rose King who spent a week in Poland hiking to win her Belt. She has now been appointed to be an Assistant Scout Leader with the Group, we welcome her.
Two weeks ago, I was invited to the Parish Council Meeting to explain the needs for the Scouts going forward for many years to come, I was happy to do this to see if we could fit into the Parish Plan, which is compilated to say the least, we will have a very good look at it,
The Scouts of course really need their own Building as we meet five evening a week with other weekend events, so it could be difficult to fit into any plan coming out of the Village consolation but we shall see. We have been for over three years talking to the Great Barton Thanksgiving Fund to extend our existing building subject to a number of items that have needed more thought, so I hope next time to report how we see this and make a firm decision, this matter is with the Group Executive and the Chair David Cooper.

Gordon K Biden